Pawn These Items To Get Maximum Cash Fast  

There are a number of different solutions that you can sell today to get paid a great deal of money. You could very well look around your home and get a lot of money for certain things over others. You may not immediately think so, but if you look at how pawn shops work, and you pawn items correctly, you could get paid a great deal.

If you want to pawn something, and aren’t sure what is going to pay off the most, the following is for you. These are the top items that can get you maximum cash, fast. Whether you want a loan or you want to get paid immediately, you will find the the following are great solutions that pay the most.

Precious Metals

PawnThe very first thing that you should take into consideration is simple, precious metals. This is a great option that is going to pay off dividends because it is based on weight. The weight of an ounce of certain precious metals are several thousand dollars.

That means that you will be able to garner a bit of a success for selling with a little bit of a push forward with items that you may not be using. For instance, if you have gold, silver, or platinum items and you aren’t using them, they still have a lot of value. Even if they are broken. If you have something that is broken, doesn’t work, or is older, you can easily sell it for more money.

Rare Coins

Now, this is a tricky option, but it works within the banner of precious metals. Now, not every coin is going to get you a lot of money, but you want to look into rarities, older options, and options that are specifically collectible for what they present.

For instance, there are some coins that are pulled up by a magnet. That magnet pull, could show you a coin that is worth thousands. You may also find options like pennies that are from the past, and are very rare. Either way, rare coins are great, and could get you a lot of money overall.

Time Pieces

Watches, pocket time pieces, and much more are interesting to take into consideration. You may not use a watch today, and you may not want to work with one, but you could very well work with an option that works well for you.

Time pieces can be rare, made with precious metals, or have certain collectible value depending on the make, model, and release number. Some of the best watches in the world, could very well garner you tens of thousands of dollars, depending on year, and model you have.

At the end of the day, there are several things that you can pawn to get a lot of money. If you go to a local pawn shop, you can ask them what they are looking for, but as far as online solutions, the above are going to work very well. If you need money fast, pawning is a great option to consider.


Things to look out for in a Pawn shop


Need cash to pay for the household bills that is long overdue? Are there any other financial obligations that need to be addressed immediately? If yes, worry no more because we at Metropolitan Pawn Brokers can help solve all your financial problems. But before deciding to visit us, we first want to introduce our company to you and what type of service we are offering.


Here are a lot of companies out there that claim that they are the best in the market.

Don’t just take their word for it. Try to research as much information needed before making a decision. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when looking for a Pawn shop but we will try to summarize and explain it to you in the simplest way possible.


In summary, the most important things to look out for in a Pawn shop are the following: reputation, trust-worthiness, and quality service and customer satisfaction. In this article, we will prove to you that our company has all these qualities.


Pawn Let us start with reputation. Reputation includes the company’s history and background. How long have they been in the business and what type of values and policies are they implementing. Our company has been in the pawn business for more than 25 years now and we have been helping the people living in the Metropolitan area of New York get instant cash easily and quickly as possible by offering financial loans in exchange for their jewelries such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces and other valuable items like watches, gold pins and broaches.


At present, we have to two shops conveniently located in Queens, New York.

Our shop offers fast loans and instant cash on all kinds of jewelries and our company’s policy is to offer the maximum cash value equivalent that we can give to our customers for their pawned items. We base our offers purely on the intrinsic value of the items being pawned because we don’t want to make our customers feel short-changed or cheated when they come to us. All our customers know what they want and that is what we give them.


Next thing to be considered when looking for a good Pawn shop is its trust-worthiness. Trusting a company with your valuable possessions is not an easy decision to make that is why you have to be very careful in choosing what company you should trust. When it comes to trust-worthiness, we let our track record speak for itself.


Developing the trust of our customers comes hand in hand with the reputation that we have created over the years we have been in the business. If there are any uncertainties that our customers have with us, we simply tell them to check our track record and see for themselves how trust-worthy our shop is. When it comes to documentation, we have all the pertinent documents and permits required for us to operate. In addition, the kind of trust we have gained can also be proven by the testimonies of our long list of customers. If they don’t believe that we can be trusted, they will stop dealing with us in an instant.


pawn shopUp next is quality service. For us, providing quality service is very important because it is the main reason why we are still in the pawning business in the first place. Generally-speaking, all Pawn shops offer the same kind of services to their customers. First is getting a cash loan by pawning an item. Second is getting cash by selling an item. But the type of service we provide our customers doesn’t end with the pawning or selling of an item. Our company gives priority to the before and after sales service of all our transactions.


Lastly, customer satisfaction is very important to us. From the time a customer enters our door up to the time the customer leaves our Pawn Shop; we make sure that they leave satisfied. And what better way to make customers satisfied than to make doing business with us easy and convenient for them. From the time our customers enter our store, our highly knowledgeable and trained personnel will assist them in assessing the item they wish to pawn or sell.